Who We Serve

Retail Marketing Driven By
Multi-Location Marketers

Lynkem allows centralized marketing teams to efficiently create, share and distribute digital marketing content to small and large networks of retailers, franchisees, affiliates or store chain locations.

Brands & Retailers

Brands struggle with ensuring that specialty retailers and brand stores are incorporating brand-compliant content into their local digital marketing promotions. Lynkem provides the tools for Brands to easily get this content in their hands for use in social ads and post, websites, blogs, print ads, and even billboards

Retail Chains

We're here to keep a Brand's business goals aligned across all the retail stores in its chain, from marketing to product sales, all at the local level.


The franchise business model already has a built-in network of local marketing opportunities, so brands can take advantage of this inter-connective tissue!

The Industries We Serve

No matter what industry your products target, the goal will always be to sell more. And creating a partnership with retailers and dealers is the best way to sell more. Lynkem is the platform that enables it all.