Google Free Local Product Listings

Join our Free Basic Plan to get your inventory on Google Free Local Product Listings. Over 46% of shoppers globally say that they confirm whether items are in stock before making a trip to that retailer.

Bring Your Local Store Online

Google Free Local Product Listings allows you to reach people shopping your related searches on Google near you each day. By participating in free local product listings, your product offers are eligible to be shown across different Google surfaces, like the Shopping tab, Google My Business, Google Search, Google Images, Google Maps, and Google Lens.

Add Products To Your
Google My Business Listing

Your Google My Business listing is one of the most important places for your store to be found online. Adding your in-stock inventory to that listing makes it even more powerful by letting shoppers immediately see what products you have available. If you’re not already showing this information, it’s as simple as registering for our Free Basic plan, and we can get you started today.

Free Local Product Listings For Google My Business

When Customers Search Local, You Win

"Available Near Me" searches have grown 100% year-over-year. When customers use the Google Shopping tab with intent to buy local, your products take priority in positioning, giving you a better chance to win the sale and gain a happy customer. It's included in our Free Basic Plan.

Free Local Product Listings For Google Shopping
Free Local Product Listings For Google Shopping
Free Local Product Listings For Three Pack

Boost Your Map Ranking With Local Inventory Injection

When customers make a search on Google for product types, brands and products Google will show them businesses near by that may supply what the customer is looking for. With local inventory being linked to your business you can display to customers you have what they are looking for which in returns help your position rank. It's included in our Free Basic Plan.

Connecting You Inventory

Whether it's one store location or a 100, we've got you covered

Already a customer? Our partnership with Locally allows us to get access to your inventory in just minutes if you’re already uploading with them.​

The simplest  way to get your Shopify inventory connected to local shopping feeds without the hassles of trying to manage it all yourself.

WooCommerce software users can easily share their inventory data with us daily, exposing their inventory to 1000s of online shoppers.

Our direct connection to your Lightspeed data allows you to get your inventory quickly in front of local shoppers.

For running retailers that are using Fitted, you can share you daily inventory with Lynkem without ever having to do anything other than say “go”. 

**If you don’t see your POS or eCommerce software listed here, don’t fret.  We can make a connection to almost any system to get inventory!

ShopCast Makes Sure
Every Product Gets Maximum Exposure

Interested in using even more online shopping channels beyond our free basic plan? We have you covered there as well. ShopCast is our no-hassle service that maximizes your inventory across all of the most widely viewed online shopping channels. You're guaranteed to see more sales!

Get Started With Free
Local Product Listings

Getting your inventory on all of the free Google product listing channels couldn't be easier. Register an account, share your inventory, start sharing what you have to sell. It's free so why wouldn't you do this!