Social Media Posts

Create polished 30-day post sequences for your Retailers, Franchisees or Local Outlets to push across their social networks, to build their digital presences and drive traffic to their stores.

Why Focus
On Retailers?

By giving your Retailers high-quality organic content, you can improve their stores' online reputations, and drive more traffic to their locations.

Get Retailers Online

40% of users would prefer to spend more money on companies and businesses who are engaging on social media.

Mobile Consumers

The average mobile consumer spends about 4 hours a day on their smartphones.

How Social Posts Work

Brands create multichannel social post sequences for Retailers to push across their digital channels and into their local markets, all on our easy-to-use platform.

Let's Compare

Manual Retailer Marketing vs. Automated Marketing with Lynkem

FeaturesManaging Retailer Content MANUALLYManaging Retailer Content with LYNKEM
Local Presence NO - because you don't have a physical location in all the same areas your Retailers do, you can't harness the power of Local. YES - with the existing army of Retailers that are already built into your business, you can tap into Local at scale with Lynkem.
Multichannel Campaigns MAYBE - but it can take a busy Retailer hours to curate even just one effective social campaign! YES - build easy-to-launch, effective social post campaigns
Message Control NO - even if you provide your Retailers with recommended messaging, they still choose whether or not to use it. YES - since you are the one building out the posts in each sequence, you completely control the messaging!
Retailer Participation MAYBE - there's no guarantee that if you spend time creating a library of digital assets, your Retailers will even look at it. YES - if you build it [using Lynkem!], they will come! Retailer participation is easier to achieve than ever!
Retailer Reporting NO - there's no way to consistently see the number of retailers participating in manual digital campaigns. YES - with Lynkem, you can review performance, at either the social post or Retailer levels.

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