Social Media Ads​

Brands build high quality social ads for Retailers, Franchisees or Local Outlets to launch across their social networks, and tap into the power of local digital marketing.​​

Local Advertising

The power of driving in-store traffic through local digital marketing must be harnessed by all Brands - we make it simple.

Efficient Reach

Reach your targeted audiences within your Retailers' local markets, across multiple platforms, all with the push of a button.

Simple Reporting

Our easy-to-read reports allow you to pinpoint which social ads are working effectively, and which Retailers are generating more traffic.

Retailer Friendly

We've made it easy for your Retailers to actually use the messaging and media that you've curated for their digital marketing use.

How Social Ads Work

Brands create multichannel social ads for Retailers to push across their digital channels and into their local markets, all on our easy-to-use platform.

Let's Compare

Manual Retailer Advertising vs. Automated Advertising with Lynkem

FeaturesManaging Retailer Advertising MANUALLYManaging Retailer Advertising with LYNKEM
Local Digital Marketing NO - you're Brand isn't everywhere, so you can't tap into the power of local digital marketing...but your Retailers can! YES - utilize the network of Retailers you already have in place, by pushing your content through their digital channels.
Multichannel Social Ads MAYBE - but it can take hours for a Retailer to run one ad on one platform. YES - your Retailers can run Brand-created, multichannel social ads within minutes.
Message Control NO - your Retailers can choose to use or disregard the content you provide to them. YES - YOU build the ads and decide on the messaging, and your Retailers run those ads locally.
Retailer Participation MAYBE - you've spent time curating a library of digital assets for your Retailers, but it's likely gone untouched by most. YES - the Lynkem platform was built with busy Retailers in mind, and we've made it simple to increase Retailer participation.
Retailer Reporting NO - only your retailers can view their results, if they even have the time! YES - review the performance of your social ads as a whole, or that of your individual Retailers!

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