Meet ShopCast

An automated solution to broadcast your complete inventory
across multiple online shopping channels
for in-store purchase, curbside pickup and local delivery.

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What is ShopCast

ShopCast is a powerful new way for busy retailers like you to promote your in-stock inventory to local consumers, and dominate local marketing.

Automatically generate thousands of Google Ads, and feed Instagram Shops, Facebook Shops, and Google Shopping, every single night without a single human being involved.

Why Use ShopCast

ShopCast works 24/7 to get your store's inventory in front of local consumers, to help you stand out amongst platforms like Amazon and other Direct-To-Consumer marketplaces.

Whether you're a single retailer or a large store chain, ShopCast can scale to automate the feed of tens of thousands of inventory items every night.

How Does ShopCast Work

Every night, our proprietary software engine automatically pulls in your inventory and uses it to populate multiple online storefronts and search ads.

All of your store's products are backed by optimized landing pages that allow consumers to buy or reserve now with in-store or curbside pickup and local delivery options.

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  • Step #2: Sync Inventory
  • Step #3: Start Advertising

Google Ads generated automatically from your inventory

When a customer is ready to buy a product, their searches can range from broad category searches (i.e., "running shoes"), to specific searches that include things like brands, colors, sizes, etc.

ShopCast has you covered for nearly every search your customers might make.

Search results built by ShopCast include optimized headlines, descriptions and callout extensions, and link to optimized landing pages powered by Locally.

And everything is built and updated automatically, based on your store's daily inventory.

Consumer Behavior is Changing

0 %
The increase in mobile queries for “Where to buy” + “near me” in past 2 years.
0 %
Consumers that will buy locally if the product is in stock and available.
0 %
Consumers that are willing to pay more money for products they can purchase locally.
0 %
Consumers that believe the pandemic will fundamentally alter their shopping habits.

ShopCast is more than just search advertising...

ShopCast is like having an entire digital marketing team working for you every day, to get your store inventory online. At the end of each day, your inventory gets uploaded from your POS into our system, where it's then used to create feeds for various online storefronts and search ads.

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Exposing your inventory automatically across multiple shopping channels dramatically improves your ability to get out in front of those searching for the products you have in stock.

If 85% of purchases are done in local stores, make sure consumers see that you have it ready for pickup!

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Campaigns for every single one of your products are automatically built and updated daily for:

- Google Adwords

- Google Shopping

- Facebook Shop

- Instagram Shop

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When consumers are ready to buy a product, they'll include specific details in their searches, like product name, color, size, gender - you name it! We automatically build 33 Google Search ads for every one of your products to make sure you're showing up in these product search results.

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The landing pages generated automatically by our partners at Locally allow your customers to Buy Now or Reserve Online, and then come pick it up curbside or in-store, or have it delivered locally.

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Your customers' journey when you use ShopCast

  • Instantly see your store has the product in stock

    Social Media, Shopping, and Local Inventory Ad campaigns are automatically generated and updated daily, based on what you have in stock.

  • Go to an optimized landing page

    These search ads are way more likely to drive traffic to automatically-generated landing pages, powered by our partners over at Locally.

  • See how close your store is, and your hours

    Consumers can immediately see that the exact product they want, in the size and color they’re looking for, is available for purchase right down the street.

  • Select local delivery or curbside pickup

    Customers can use the Locally purchasing controls to order your products, and select for local delivery or same-day curbside pickup.

Sync your inventory
automatically to campaigns

ShopCast takes your store's daily inventory and automatically uploads and transforms it into dynamic feeds for Instagram Shops, Facebook Shops and 7 different Google Shopping search locations!

ShopCast also includes a proprietary Google Search Ad automation engine. It’s the only capability on the market that can take an inventory feed and generate thousands of ads and tens of thousands of search terms every night, guaranteeing in stock items will be found through local searches.

Make it easier for
customers to buy

When customers click on one of your products from a Google property or social platform, they'll be taken to an optimized landing page powered by our partners at Locally.

These landing pages include the product information, your store's information, and an opportunity for the customer to make a purchase for local delivery or curbside-pickup.

“Working with Lynkem has been nothing short of amazing. Lynkem’s integration with Locally has allowed our business to expand our digital efforts seamlessly across multiple platforms including Google and Facebook. Highly recommend for all business types.
Bryan Chavez
New Balance, Los Angeles, CA
"What I really love about Lynkem is that they really care! Instead of just being a “business for hire” they choose to be a partner working to grow your business with you."
Tina Miller
Walkabout Outfitters, VA
"Since we started with Lynkem, are sales through Locally are up 61%. Clearly, ShopCast is making a difference for us."
Heidi Fenstermacher
Out There Outfitters, Wayne, PA

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Broadcast your in-stock inventory using Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops, for in-store purchase, curbside pickup and local delivery.