Instagram Shops

Leverage one of the most widely viewed social channels and open a new storefront to sell more product. Let your followers view your in-stock inventory and shop directly from your posts.

Tag Products In Your Instagram Posts

Make it incredibly easy for shoppers to purchase items directly from your posts by using Instagram product tagging. Take a picture of a product, use it in a post, and then tag it. When a consumer clicks on it, they will be taken straight to that product page on your website and buy it.

Add Shops To Your
Instagram Business Account

Introduce another buying opportunity to your Instagram Business Account followers by adding Shops. Expose your entire in-stock inventory and provide a shortened path to purchase.

The Ease Of Use Your Customers Expect

Instagram makes it easy for your customers to search your inventory and get more details on any product. They can also use the convenience of direct messaging if they have questions about any of your products.

Put Your Inventory
On Multiple Online
Shopping Channels

If you considering connecting your inventory feed to any shopping channel, why not leverage multiple channels at the same time. ShopCast is an inexpensive subscription service that handles all of that for you. You create one feed, we take care of everything else for you.

Eliminate the Hassle of
Setup and Maintenance

It can get frustrating sometimes figuring out how to properly connect your Instagram and Facebook pages to your store's inventory. Join our platform for Free and we'll help you get your store setup and connected to Facebook and Instagram. It's just $25/mo once you're up and going. That pays for ongoing support, upgrades and peace of mind that your products are being reliably updated every day.

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