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ShopCast is a powerful new way for busy retailers like you to promote your in-stock inventory to local consumers, and better compete with Amazon and Direct-to-Consumer sellers.

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Social Media Ads

Brands build high-quality, effective digital ads for their retailers, franchisees and dealerships to run across their own social platforms.

Social Media Posts

Brands can increase the sales of their products by helping their sellers improve their online presence.

Co-Op Processing

Brands distribute and manage Co-Op plans, and track where and how Co-Op funds are spent by authorized Retailers.

Point of Purchase (POP)

Retailers can quickly place an order for a Brand's POP marketing materials directly from the Lynkem platform.

Digital Asset Library

Brands distribute curated marketing materials, product lists, and any other digital asset that their Retailers might need, all from one place.

Digital Catalogs

We make it easier for sellers to know exactly what they're selling, by making Brand product catalogs more accessible.

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