Brand Social Content
Shared on Retailer Social Feeds

PostCast is a service will automatically shares posts from a Brand's social feeds and re-post them to a Retailer's
Facebook and Instagram pages.

Publish More Engaging Posts

Retailers struggle to continuously post engaging content on their social pages. The content generally doesn't have the production value that their Brands marketing departments create and share on their own social channels.
PostCast is a service that solves this problem for retailers.

Tell a Better Story Using Instagram Posts

The brands you sell are constantly pushing out high-quality image and video content to their Instagram feeds. Retailers can now present that same amazing content on their own Instagram pages. This is critical when you consider that over 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram for product discovery.

Present High Quality
Facebook Posts for Your Business

Facebook accounts for over 45% of monthly social media visits. With that kind of reach, retailers should be taking advantage of every opportunity they can to place highly engaging social post content on this platform. PostCast and your brand's content can make that a happen.

PostCast Is a Retailers
Concierge Service for
Social Posting

Retailers can focus their valuable time on other important things while PostCast is consistently publishing posts for you in the background. Save time and money while adding quality.

PostCast Pricing Plans

$39/mo $29/yr
2 Posts Per Week
Facebook and Instagram
$49/mo $39/yr
3 Posts Per Week
Facebook and Instagram
Retailer logo overlays on Videos

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