Digital Catalogs​

Make it easier than ever for your Retailers, Franchisees and Local Outlets to review your products, and make orders at their convenience.​

How Digital Catalogs Work

Lynkem makes it so that your Retailers only have to come to one platform to review your products and get what they need to better market and advertise your products locally.

Let's Compare

Physical Product Catalogs vs. Digital Product Catalogs with Lynkem

FeaturesPhysical Product CatalogsDigital Product Catalogs
Available on the same platform as marketing tools? NO - your Retailers will have to go back and forth between the physical catalog and their social platforms. YES - your Retailers only have to come to one place to view your products, and launch marketing campaigns for them.
Integrated with industry-leading content software Issuu? NO - Issuu is a leader in the creation and distribution of digital assets, but your physical catalog won't cut it. YES - Brands make it easy for Retailers to view products and promote reorders through easy access to their product catalog

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