Empowering retailer's digital marketing prowess

Lynkem provides retailers with incredibly simple-to-implement social media and product advertising tools. Brands contribute to their success through our highly impactful social sharing tools.

Retailers let interested buyers
know what they have in stock

ShopCast™ transforms a retailer's in-stock inventory into a digital marketing machine. It's a highly automated, hands-off service that works 24/7 to drive buying customers to your physical and online store. The quick, one-time setup allows stores and their products to raise to the top of Google searches and easily be found on their social channels. ShopCast is intended for retailers both small and large.

Advanced Control of
Multi-location Marketing

BrandCast™ allows marketing teams to scale up and more efficiently share digital content with hundreds or even thousands of locations. Consistent messaging across multiple digital channels is easily managed with a centralized platform used for curation and distribution of content.

Driving Increased Traffic

As a retailer, whether you're trying to drive foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations or online sales, you need to have your A game on when it comes to digital marketing. Lynkem provides multiple services that make it ridiculously easy to connect to online channels and share content with your brands,

Brand Content Sharing

Brands are the content kings when it comes to social marketing. It;s there no reason not to share that content with retailers so they can promote that brand and sell more product. Lynkem's social sharing features makes this task insanely easy to accomplish.

An integrated network that lowers marketing costs

Lynkem is cloud-based platform that is designed to connect retailers-to-brands and retailers-to-retailers. With cloud technology, you're able to buy sophisticated features at a fraction of the cost of buying siloed solutions.

When you join our inter-connected network, business intelligence can be anonymously shared to give insight into what other businesses like you are doing.

Reaching Consumers with Buying Intent

Local Reach

Consumers performing online searches are doing it because they have an intent to buy. Our platform optimizes information about your store and your inventory so they can be easily discovered.

eCommerce Reach

It can be really hard sometimes to stand out when advertising outside your local markets. But when you have hard to find products or special pricing you're offering, you should be caster a wider advertising net.

Integrated Inventory Platforms For Product Marketing

“Working with Lynkem has been nothing short of amazing. Lynkem’s integration with Locally has allowed our business to expand our digital efforts seamlessly across multiple platforms including Google and Facebook. Highly recommend for all business types.
Bryan Chavez
New Balance, Los Angeles, CA
"What I really love about Lynkem is that they really care! Instead of just being a “business for hire” they choose to be a partner working to grow your business with you."
Tina Miller
Walkabout Outfitters, VA
"Since we started with Lynkem, are sales through Locally are up 61%. Clearly, ShopCast is making a difference for us."
Heidi Fenstermacher
Out There Outfitters, Wayne, PA

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