Active Shoppers, Local Markets
We Make Perfect Matches

For Brands and Retailers that want to engage with wider audiences in local markets with their social marketing

Intelligent Marketing Features
That Drive Active Shoppers to Local Stores

Leverage Inventory Driven Local Marketing

With our extensive intelligent inventory-based tools, retailers and brands are able to target precisely the shoppers looking for their products. This level of targeting will greatly enhance your succcess of any online shopping or social campaigns your business runs.

Product Listings

When retailers share inventory to online shopping channels, Google, Facebook and Instagram, local shoppers can quickly find the exact product they're looking for and if it's in-stock.

Targeted Ads

Inventory-aware technology allows a brand or a retailer to target local consumers with digital and social ads listing only those products that are in stock in local brick-and-mortar stores.

Social Reach

With the ability to peer into local inventory, brands can create and distribute higly targeted social content in local markets, helping drive increased traffic to its network of retail stores.

Amplify social marketing to reach deeper into local markets

Brands seamlessly collaborate with retailers on social media ads and posts content to reach consumers who have an affinity with that store. Brands win by reaching a targeted audience. Retailers win with high-quality content marketing for thier store.

Partnering with Locally for smarter, local market solutions

Talk to us about how we deliver marketing prowess to Locally customers through our direct integrations with their platform.

Top Industries We Serve

No matter what industry your products target, the goal will always be to sell more. And creating a partnership with retailers and dealers is the best way to sell more. Lynkem is the platform that enables it all. 

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